JATAN's activities

Campaign for protect tropical rainforests

Deforestation tropical rainforests continue still now. Especially in Indonesia, illegal logging and cutting for pulp and paper cause deforestation of tropical rainforests. It is thought to occupy 80-90% illegal logging which logged overall the forests and there are not a few reports that operated logging even if it is in national park. Japan has responsibility for deforestation of tropical rainforests, because we import a large amount of plywood and paper products from Indonesia.

JATAN operate field investigation about issue of illegal logging and logging for pulp and paper in Indonesia, and also we organize seminar or publish report. We offer provision of suggestion and information about situation of the field for companies which are using Indonesian plywood and paper products.

Campaign for non-use illegal timber and old-growth timber

JATAN investigate the extent of efforts and specific method of Western developed companies, organize symposium, and we offer information and suggestion for sustainability timber procurement in Japan. This is also common activities of protection forests, so we approach collaborative with another organization who active forest protection.

When we cut down trees, then it has to take a due care of influence for environment and society, but now people who depend on forests on their life are suffered by old-growth forests logged in a destructive way. Therefore it is operated a number of illegal logging not even compliance about national and region law. Consumer need to use sustainability commodity for forests environment and stop to use timber and paper products produced by illegal logging due to solution of these problem.  


Approach for native forests logging issue for paper material

Logging of native forest aimed at materials for papermaking has been done in Australia, Chile, Southeastern United States, etc. and they are imported to Japan. Forests that grow rich ecosystems called old-growth forests are also subject to logging and affect the survival of various wild animals.

Especially JATAN focused on Australia, we approach diffusion and edification of issue through these activities that we created booklets and websites that introduced local field situations, lectures for the general who invited Australian NGO members to Japan, and reports after field survey.

We also provide information on the local logging situation and propose alternative raw materials to papermaking companies and paper consumption companies to encourage them to stop logging of native forests.