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How to avoid “Dangerous Oil”?

持続可能なパーム油のための円卓会議(Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil:RSPO)とパーム油革新グループ(Palm Oil Innovation Group:POIG) 持続可能なパーム […]

How to choose paper products

We consume a number of paper and paper products in our daily life. Let’s take part in activity of protect rain […]

1 Click to support JATAN

Support JATAN with your mobile gooddo! gooddo is a system which can support NPO/NGO through Like! On the Faceb […]

Support our Activities

Sign up as a member or volunteer Our activities have been supported by members and volunteers. Please easily s […]

Tell the People Severns’ Message

The video message for protect children’s future Severn Suzuki has disseminated her message for protect childre […]

Protect the Earth by Web Browsing

Green goo System of “Green goo This system is able to donate NGO/NPO who active conservation environmental suc […]

Join our Events

Check information about environmental event and seminar on our website! →Here is the page of information about […]

Ecological footprint

How many planets do we need? If people around the world live the same life as you, how many planets are needed […]

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