How to choose paper products

We consume a number of paper and paper products in our daily life. Let’s take part in activity of protect rainforest with your correct choice!

When you buy paper products…

Paper and paper products are used in great quantities on our daily life, school, office, and our home. However it is small chance to we are able to buy choosing paper or paper products at a store or shopping as a consumer. We wonder that major products are sanitary paper including tissue paper, notes and copy paper using printer.

Thinking about impact of environment load to product paper material, paper product is made of 100% recycled waste-paper can inhibit environmental effect include amount of CO2emission , even if it is compared to virgin pulp made from reforestation.

Recently it increased to see chance of copy paper which is made by FSC at DIY store. FSC certification paper is certified by the third authorities that it doesn’t include an illegal logging or high value conservation forests and the consumers are able to buy and available with security.

Now three out of ten of copy paper which is consumed in Japan is imported from overseas. Most dominate market share is APP and April, and these paper company’s production factories where are located in Riau Sumatra Indonesia have caused many serious problems associated with material procuration in there. We have to avoid copy paper made in Indonesia because APP’s copy paper are sold not only discount store but also Askul, Kokuyo, Jointex, kyokuto Associates.

Do what we can as consumer when we buy copy paper

♦ Reduce unnecessary usage of paper as less as possible

♦ Avoid buying copy paper which is made from problematic material (ex. made in Indonesia)

♦ Choose 100% recycled waste-paper or FSC certification paper when you buy paper products

♦ Spread the issue caused by APP or April

♦ Seek the sales companies that do not purchase problematic copy paper products

♦ Support NGO who active about issue resolution