Tropical rainforests where Destroyed by copy paper -Indonesia

Demand for paper and paper products in Japan

Demand for paper and paper products in Japan has been suddenly depressed recently due to the cold weather caused by the Lehman shock.However, as if laughing at such a shortage of demand, the amount of copy paper imported abroad, especially Indonesia, has increased steadily. Now, 30% of the copy paper consumed in Japan is from Indonesia, of which 8-90% is attributed to APP (Asia Pulp & Paper) Company and April Company which have production bases in Riau Province of Sumatra Island.

Impacts on indigenous people's lives in Indonesia

This picture is a pile of natural forest waiting to be carried out in a peat wetland of Riau Province.
Logs from Peatland

Residents living in the Kampar peninsula in Riau Province Indonesia and the Kelmutan region located on the south side of the province have a traditional lifestyle and culture, focusing on sustainable living, such as fishing, sampling of non-timber forest products, upland rice and corn shifting cultivation. However, nowadays, the traditional culture that relies on the natural environment of the forest and river is undergoing a major transformation, due to the HTI (industrial afforestation project) by the pulp industry of the state and the country and measures to expand the palm oil plantation

Originally environmentally vulnerable peat swamp forest has been developed aridification by construction of waterways for the development of afforestation site, has a great influence on self-sufficiency agriculture of local residents, and also has given fish catching in rivers, fisheries are decreasing due to water pollution caused by the peat's outflow accompanying development.

Native forests based on living are decreasing due to industrial development, and social solidarity is also forced to break.

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